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July 23, 2019

Calico Wallpaper, John Hogan, and Ladies & Gentlemen Studio come together to explore the phenomena of illusory perceptions through a series of three distinct works installed in dialogue to create an environment where material realities and optical illusions mingle.
Calico Wallpaper introduces Singing Sand, capturing the mesmerizing patterns of an atmospheric phenomenon, John Hogan presents works in glass which play with our biological responses to sensory distortion, and Ladies & Gentlemen Studio explores the ambiguity of light and shadow through a new conceptual kinetic sculpture.

Visions / Perceptions by Calico Wallpaper, John Hogan, and Ladies & Gentlemen Studio
Starting September 5 to October 5 at Triode Gallery
28, rue Jacob 75006 Paris

Visions / Perceptions @ Charlie Schuck

Singing Sand - Calico Wallpaper @ Charlie Schuck

Relic Rune - Calico Wallpaper @ Charlie Schuck

Coax Pendant 01 - John Hogan / Roll and Hill

Illusion - John Hogan

Myrna sconce - Ladies and Gentlemen Studio @ Charlie Schuck

Equalizer 2 Pendant - Ladies and Gentlemen Studio / John hogan

American Design in Paris by Triode x Wanted Design
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July 17, 2019

For close to 10 years, Triode has been exploring the North American creative scene and introducing to the French and European public the best North American representatives of contemporary design. Each year, new talents join the established creators, today unanimously recognized. In association with Wanted Design jointly with Rising Talent Awards US organized by MAISON&OBJET, American Design in Paris is the occasion for Triode to showcase a specific savoir-faire working around glass and light. For the first time in Paris, a selection of new pieces will be presented in a simple scenography emphasizing this meticulous art, including pieces by Lindsey Adelman, John Pomp, Roll & Hill, Gabriel Scott (here above), Allied Maker, David Weeks, Jason Miller, John Hogan, Atelier de Troupe, Trueing and Ocrùm.

American Design in Paris by Triode x Wanted Design
From the 5th until the 10th of September at the Joseph gallery
Espace Froissart, 7 rue Froissart 75003 Paris

Luna - Gabriel Scott

Molten - Allied Maker

Knotty Bubbles - Lindsey Adelman / Roll & Hill

Drew + Drop - Ocrùm

Coax Pendant - John Hogan / Roll & Hill

Janus - Trueing

Alice - Atelier de Troupe

Highlights from Milan and New York design weeks 2019
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June 13, 2019

We share the best of the 2019 Milan furniture fair and New York design week, two must-seen events. Check out our eclectic selection of new collections and limited series of lighting and furniture by American designers Lindsey Adelman, Apparatus, Allied Maker, Roll & Hill, David Weeks, John Pomp, Gabriel Scott, Finn Juhl, John Hogan, Jason Miller, Atelier de Troupe, Ladies and Gentlemen Studio, Anna Karlin, Philippe Malouin, Karl Zahn, Trueing, Ocrùm and danish manufacturer House of Finn Juhl.

Coax Pendant - John Hogan

Arbor - Karl Zahn / Roll & Hill

Geode - Jason Miller / Roll & Hill

Pole - Philippe Malouin / Roll & Hill

Apparatus Interlude, Milan © Paola Pansini

Apparatus Interlude, Milan © Paola Pansini

Apparatus Interlude, Milan © Paola Pansini

Allied Maker showroom, Tribeca NY

Prism - Allied Maker

Beacon - Allied Maker

Myrna Pendant - Ladies and Gentlemen Studio

Myrna Sconce - Ladies and Gentlemen Studio

Myrna Sconce - Ladies and Gentlemen Studio

Lindsey Adelman showroom, NY © Stephen Kent Johnson

Lindsey Adelman showroom, NY © Stephen Kent Johnson

Form - Anna Karlin

Dimple Lamp - Anna Karlin

Grasshopper - Finn Juhl / House of Finn Juhl

Perfect Darkness, Milan - Finn Juhl / House of Finn Juhl © Giorgio Possenti

Perfect Darkness, Milan - Finn Juhl / House of Finn Juhl © Giorgio Possenti

Tidal Cocktail Table - John Pomp

Tidal Side Table - John Pomp

Luna Chandelier - Gabriel Scott

Luna Pendant - Gabriel Scott

LA Noir, Milan - Atelier de Troupe

Nuage - Atelier de Troupe

Coda - Atelier de Troupe

Drew + Drop Table Lamp - Ocrùm

Cerine Sconce - Trueing

Cerine Floor - Trueing

Modernist architecture obsessed BassamFellows
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March 25, 2019

A Philip Johnson-designed house designed in 1951, in New Canaan, is revived by Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows, BassamFellows founders and obsessed with modernist architecture. Along with Marcel Breuer, Landis Gore, Eliot Noyes and John M. Johansen,Philip Johnson was part of The Harvard Five, five internationally renowned architects who built Midcentury Modern Houses in the 1950s. With its simple lines and refined materials, the furniture collection of BassamFellows fits perfectly in this environment where play of lights, spaces and transparencies are in perfect harmony with the landscape.
Via Ideat Special architecture #15- À New Cacanaan (Connecticut) – Héritage culturel by Marc Heldens / photos Mark Seelen

Functional and sculptural Ceiling Mounts
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March 14, 2019

Ceiling Mount lights are a smart choice for almost any room in the house - from the entryway to the bathroom to the kitchen and living room. With a shorter height than pendants or chandeliers, design Ceiling Mounts provide suitable light to any interior and present varied forms, ranging from spare and functional to downright sculptural to fit small spaces.

Mary Wallis / Lindsey Adelman Studio ED.02.02

Mary Wallis / Lindsey Adelman Studio ED.02.02 © Lauren Coleman

Allied Maker Aperture Double

Atelier de Troupe Lune Flushmount

Rich Brilliant Willing Crisp

Allied Maker Perle

Jason Miller / Roll and Hill Modo

Apparatus Trapeze

Allied Maker Alabaster S01

Apparatus Median

Apparatus Studio / LA

Philippe Malouin / Roll and Hill Gridlock

Allied Maker Perforated Flush Dome

Rich Brilliant Willing Centro

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February 12 2019

On view at the showroom and starting this month, new collections by Lindsey Adelman, Apparatus and John Pomp. These three American studios have been supported by Jacques Barret since their very beginning and are now at the forefront of the international scene.
Starting in February at Triode showroom - 28 rue Jacob 75006 Paris.

Apparatus - Finn Juhl - Bower - Atelier de Troupe - John Hogan

Apparatus Median 1 Pendant

Apparatus - Bower - Vonnegut/Kraft

John Pomp - Finn Juhl - Allied Maker

John Pomp Calla Mobile

Lindsey Adelman - showroom © Lauren Coleman

Lindsey Adelman

Lindsey Adelman

Lindsey Adelman Drop System © Lauren Coleman

pparatus - Allied Maker - Bassam Fellows - Finn Juhl - John Hogan

Apparatus Loop Pendant