Finn Juhl event at Triode gallery
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December 12, 2017

Thank you all for coming to our Finn Juhl upholstery event! It was the perfect opportunity to discover other pieces by the danish designer presented in our Parisian showroom.
Finn Juhl’s work, at once sculptural and organic, is as much a work of art as a functional piece of furniture. Often difficult to produce at the time, his work is coming back thanks in part to contemporary production methods. Currently more then 30 pieces are re-edited by House of Finn Juhl and produced in Japan and Denmark.
Photos © House of Finn Juhl

Save The Date - aRound Matter
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November 2, 2017

Since Matter’s inception in 2003, founder and creative director Jamie Gray has had the opportunity to collaborate with and represent some of the most innovative, established and promising international design talents. Matter is a New York City based gallery, showroom, and manufacturer, representing a refined selection of national and international contemporary design. The brand is revered as a resource for detecting what lies beyond the horizon in design.
With long established relationships with Matter Made, Triode is thrilled to present exclusive pieces by Matter Made and invite you to a 360° Virtual Visit of Matter Manhattan showroom.
Starting November 16, 2017 – 28 rue Jacob 75006 Paris

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Mon, October 9th 2017

Save the Date! Triode invites you to the 5th edition of Private Choice, under the direction of Nadia Candet, an imagined and ephemeral contemporary collection of art and design. The inspired fictional collection of art and design takes place in a Haussmannian apartment, located a stone’s throw away from Grand Palais. The environment of this exceptional space offers a unique experience for discovering and acquiring works of art and design. This exhibition takes place while Paris lives for art.
October 16 to 22, 2017. By reservation only.

Helix Floor / Bec Brittain © Private Choice

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Fri, August 4th 2017

For its first show devoted to the American West Coast, Triode brings together three designers with true passion for Rudolf Schindler modern architectural heritage: Atelier de Troupe, Pamela Shamshiri and Brendan Ravenhill. Exclusive and original furniture and lighting pieces will be on view. A tribute to Schindler œuvre reflecting the Californian spirit through projects such as the Kings Road House, built in 1921 or the Los Angeles Bethlehem Baptist Church designed in 1944.
During Paris Design Week at Triode showroom, September 8‐16, 2017.

Atelier de Troupe

Sling Chair / Marmol Radziner - Church Chandelier / Brendan Ravenhill

Pamela Shamshiri

Atelier de Troupe

Schindler House - photo Joshua White

Sample Sale at Triode
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Mon, June 26th 2017

You are invited to our Floor Sample Sale! A great selection of discounted contemporary design pieces will be presented at Triode in our backyard showroom. Until July 13, 2017.
A list of the products is available on request.

Daybed - Vonnegut/Kraft

Discus 3 - Matter Made

Pelican - Finn Juhl

Lariat 3 - Apparatus

Tractor Counter Stool - BassamFellows

Helios - Workstead

Planter - Anna Karlin

Virtual Visit - Lindsey Adelman + Roll & Hill
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Thu, June 8th 2017

Thank you to everyone who have come to discover iconic and new pieces of Roll & &Hill and Lindsey Adelman, for the 2017 edition of Art Saint-Germain-des-Prés.
If you missed this event, please enjoy our virtual visit on our home page.
Photos © Alexis Toureau

American Design at Triode Gallery
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Tue, May 16th 2017

For several years, Triode has promoted and supported in France contemporary American design. The gallery is constantly presenting young designers working mainly to create a collection of lighting fixtures.
The origin of this interest is the meeting with Jason Miller, Roll&Hill founder and editor of High contemporary lighting, and with Lindsey Adelman, internationally renowned designer.

May 18-June 3, Triode will participate in the 2017 edition of Art Saint-Germain-des-Prés. This event is the opportunity to pay a tribute to some of their iconic pieces and present new ones, in a way devoid of all artifice.

Cora - Karl Zahn, Fiddlehead - Jason Miller / Roll & Hill © Joseph de Leo

Clamp - Lindsey Adelman @ Lauren Coleman

Terrarium - Lindsey Adelman @ Lauren Coleman

Castle - Jason Miller / Roll & Hill © Joseph de Leo

House of Finn Juhl launches the Modern Art Chair
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Tue, May 2nd 2017

For the first time ever, since it was designed almost 70 years ago, House of Finn Juhl unveiled the MoMA competition’s runner-up at Salone del Mobile in Milan. In 1948, Museum of Modern Art’s hosts a design competition for chairs that are ready for in- dustrial production and will be retailed at low prices. The winner is Charles and Ray Eames’ famous plastic chair.
The Modern Art Chair is cast in plastic and is supported by painted métal. The chair is well suited for indoor and outdoor use alike.
At the Milan fair The Modern Art Chair will not be the only new face in the crowd. It was accompanied by FJ 64, another plastic chair that was designed in 1964, also by Finn Juhl – a small, stackable chair which is large in shape and fi-nished with notches that are typical of Finn Juhl.

Modern Art Chair © House of Finn Juhl

© Designmuseum Danmark - Photo: Pernille Klemp

Modern Art Chair © House of Finn Juhl

Modern Art Chair © House of Finn Juhl

FJ64 © House of Finn Juhl

What's new in the showroom
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Mon, March 6th 2017

New pieces are added to our American design lighting selection. Recently installed are Helios and Signal by Workstead, Pivot Single by Gentner Design, L.U.M. Lamp by François Chambard and Fenta Desk by David Weeks. Also on view are Rich Brilliant Willing fixtures in collaboration with Rockwell Group.

Helios - Workstead

Signal - Workstead

Branch + Notch - Rich Brilliant Willing

L.U.M. - François Chambard

Pivot Single - Gentner Design

Fenta Desk Lamp - David Weeks

If you missed the Private Visit
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Mon, January 30th 2017

Thank you to everyone who have come to discover a preview of selected products by new designers represented by Triode.
If you missed this event, Discus lighting collection by Jamie Gray for Matter-Made, new pieces by Anna Karlin, an exclusive version of the Standing Desk by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio and the Kazimir Pendant for Roll & Hill are now presented in our showroom.

Standing Desk - Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Anna Karlin

Standing Desk - L&G Studio

Discus - Matter-Made

Kazimir - L&G Studio / Roll & Hill

3 new american designers at Triode Gallery
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Tue, January 3rd 2017

2017 is here! Triode is thrilled to announce that American editor Matter-Made, designers Anna Karlin and Ladies & Gentlemen Studio are now represented by the gallery.
With long established relationships with these designers, Triode offers the opportunity to discover a preview of selected products. Discus lighting collection by Jamie Gray for Matter-made, new pieces by Anna Karlin and an exclusive version of the Standing Desk by Ladies & Gentlemen will be presented in a parisian flat during a private visit.
Starting in January 2017 by appointement only.


Anna Karlin

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

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Tue, December 6th 2016

Danish design Hotel Hakuba opened in Nagano on December 1st and is the first of its kind, focusing on combining inspiring Danish interior, organic local products, and the raw Japanese nature.
The hotel consists of six double-rooms, a dining hall, several shared lounge areas, and an accompanying bar, with Finn Juhl’s organic furniture taking up the space in every room. Each room is decorated differently from the others. Each double room is named after the furniture - The Chieftain room, The Poet room, The Japan room, The Pelican room, The 46-room and The France room.
Onecollection already has a strong affiliation with Japan, as part of the Finn Juhl range is produced here. And now, the Finn Juhl portfolio is expanding with the opening of the very first Hotel House of Finn Juhl.

Hotel - House of Finn Juhl - Hakuba - Japan

Hotel - House of Finn Juhl - Hakuba - Japan

Finn Juhl Reading chair, 1953

Finn Juhl Japan chair/sofa

Finn Juhl 109 chair, 1946

Finn Juhl Nyhavn dining table,1953 - 108 chair, 1946

FJ sconce

Finn Juhl Chieftain Chair, 1949

Finn Juhl 46 Sofa, 1946

Finn Juhl Poet sofa, 1941 - Eye table, 1948

Candlesticks exhibit at Triode Gallery
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Thu, November 10th 2016

Triode will soon feature an exclusive selection of more than twenty candlesticks by American designers : Lindsey Adelman, Apparatus, Bec Brittain for Roll & Hill, Felicia Ferrone, Gentner Design, Fort Standard, among others.
Designed in the best materials available like brass, walnut, marble, granite… those fine decorative objects will be perfect to create a wonderful feeling of comfort and create your own interior. The showroom will be the place to find an elegant present for Christmas !

Pin Candlesticks, Gentner Design

Trio Candelabra, Felicia Ferrone

Nick and the Candlestick, Lindsey Adelman / Matter

Pivot, Fort Standard

Loaded, MNR8

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Thu, October 27th 2016

Triode presents four iconic decorative objects designed by Finn Juhl, which are emblematic of danish design: the FJ Bowl, the Turning Tray, The FJ Clock and the FJ Essence. Each product is handmade in Danemark, and reissued regarding original design and production process.

Those signed reissues are perfect for an original gift. We invite you to come and discover them in our showroom.

FJ Bowl ©Architectmade

FJ Bowl ©Architectmade

Turning Tray & FJ Essence @Architectmade

Turning Tray @Architectmade

FJ Clock @Architectmade

FJ Clock @Onecollection

Save the date ! Exhibition Gabriel Scott at Triode
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Mon, August 22nd 2016

Starting on September 2, and in collaboration with Paris Design Week, the showroom is pleased to present a selection of furniture and lighting by New York and Canadian designers, Gabriel Scott, who are now represented by Triode.

In 2012, Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler founded Gabriel Scott, a chic and contemporary line of furniture and lighting fixtures that are defined by stunning forms and elegant materials including hand-blown glass, brass-plated steel, and marble. All of the work is handmade in their studios in upstate New York and in Montreal. In 2014 they opened a large showroom in downtown Manhattan.

The latest collections by American designers
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Thu, July 7th 2016

During the 2016 New York Design Week from May 3-17, many designers unveiled their new collections and latest collaborations. At ICFF, Apparatus launched the new Circuit and Tassel Collections, while Juniper extended their collection of M Lamps and Thin Lamps. Anna Karlin had a beautiful stand full of new work including the Wall Light U-Shape, Rosie Li expanded her Bubbly Series with a new chandelier version, and Rich Brilliant Willing had a big stand featuring their new collaboration with the Rockwell Group. A must see during NYC Design week was the launch of OTTO by David Weeks Studio, marking their 20th anniversary. Roll & Hill opened a stunning 4-floor showroom in lower Manhattan featuring some of their newest collection with work by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, Karl Zahn, Bec Brittain and Visibility.
Here is a small look at some of the new work presented.

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, Karl Zahn, Bec Brittain et Visibility pour Roll & Hill

Lindsey Adelman


David Weeks Studio

Fort Standard


Rich Brilliant Willing

Rosie Li


Anna Karlin

Triode presents The France Chair by Finn Juhl
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Tue, June 14th 2016

The France Chair, designed by Finn Juhl in 1956 and re-edited by One Collection in 2016, is currently on view in our showroom. Originally called the FJ 136, the France Chair was specifically designed for the American market, where it was met with considerable success. The chair was commissioned by a little known, but very important and forward thinking English entrepreneur, C.W.F France, who helped create an international market for Danish Design in the late 1950s-1960s. Mr. France was a pre-cursor to the Ikea of today. He collaborated with numerous Danish designers, including Finn Juhl, to create work that could be flat-packed and easily shipped around the world.
Though made for larger production, the France Chair is an ideal example of the Finn Juhl style; the seat seems to float in place, with an almost weightless and aerodynamic form, with organically designed armrests.
Re-named and re-issued by One Collection this year with the ok of the son of Mr. France, the France Chair is produced in the same way as originally designed in the 1950s, but is now delivered assembled and in one piece.

France Chair de Finn Juhl

© Alexis Toureau

© Onecollection

Drawing by Finn Juhl, 1956 © France & Son

France & Son studios, 1950s © France & Son

Save the Date! An exhibition with Apparatus at Triode
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Thu, May 26th 2016

Triode is pleased to work with Apparatus, the New York design company founded in 2010 by Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson.

Opening on June 2 the showroom will feature an in-depth presentation of their lighting and objects, offering a unique opportunity for Parisians to see their stunning, handcrafted work.

What’s new in the showroom
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Fri, April 1st 2016

Recently installed in the showroom is a stunning oak and steel Panel System designed by Finn Juhl and re-edited by Onecollection.
Also on view are two lighting fixtures by Lindsey Adelman including the BB.03.14 chandelier from the Branching series, and the BP.05.02 with brushed brass hardware and beautiful, aqua mini glass globes.
Photos by Alexis Toureau.

Highlight on 15 american designers
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Mon, February 22nd 2016

Triode is pleased to announce a special online retail event in collaboration with The Cool Republic, the leading e-commerce concept shop in France.
Beginning today, an exclusive selection of objects, lighting and accessories by contemporary American designers is available for purchase through the online shop: Apparatus, Bower, Fort Standard, Workstead, Brendan Ravenhill, Anna Karlin, Rosie Li, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, Juniper, Souda, Vonnegut/Kraft, Matter-Made, Avo, Um Project, Rich Brilliant Willing.