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Hieroglyph Pendant


The Hieroglyph Pendant is composed of nested wood cylinders - the foundational elements of our popular and versatile Lodge collection. The 9-bulb fixture makes a striking luminous statement, referencing essential abstract forms of the De Stijl movement, as well as the figurative language from which it takes its name. Available with a cloth-covered cord or fixed metal rod in three standard overall heights. Custom heights available. Made in the USA

Designed by Workstead


Overall Height Options

S 61 cm | M 91.5 cm | L 122 cm

H 25.4 cm x W 60.96 cm x D 35.56 cm



Natural Oak

Oxidized Ash

Painted Finish



Hewn Brass

Hand Finished Bronze

Brushed Nickel


Upon request

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Workstead Hieroglyph Pendant
Workstead Hieroglyph Pendant
Workstead Hieroglyph Pendant

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