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The Orizon mirror is part wall art and part functional decoration. Inspired by the horizon view of Como Lake in the north of Milan and Lake Michigan in Chicago, two cities that Ocrùm’s Chief Designer Sean Zhang has called home, it is a product of memories cherished and transformed. 

This is a window with a view that you can hang from your wall, its ocean-like surface blending neatly into a lush, brightly-colored sky, the reflections changing constantly. The ceramic piece is glazed by hand and then baked at different firing temperatures, leading to nuances and unique colors aplenty, and the combination of vitrified ceramic and colored mirror strikes a contemporary look without sacrificing the human touch of traditional craftsmanship. Carefully made in Italy.

Designed by Ocrùm


Ø 55 cm 

P 4.5 cm 


Vivid Blue 

Moonlight Blue 

Iridescent Blue

Jade Green

Coral Pink


Upon request

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OCRÙM Orizon
OCRÙM Orizon
OCRÙM Orizon
OCRÙM Orizon

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