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53 Chair


The FJ 53 is an extravagant piece of furniture. It integrates the lightness and elegance of a wooden chair with an upholstered corpus, to embrace the body with genuine comfort. Finn Juhl's characteristic design feature of separating the carrying elements from the carried is also at play in the FJ 53. However, this time the separation is achieved via more sophisticated means to add-in the aforementioned lightness and elegance. The rear legs, completely free from upholstery, protrude from the floor. In a single, unbroken motion they change direction and expand into an organically shaped armrest, almost animalistic in nature. The armrest wraps around the upholstery as if it is levitating, to arrive in a smooth and upwards point, begging to be touched.

The delicate transitions from the rounded to the sharp elements will help stimulate the senses, all the while painting a beautiful portrait of the wooden grain. It culminates in an explosion of the senses, but as usual, Finn Juhl manages to fulfill the practical and functional needs that are required of furniture. This combination brings meaning to each shape and expression, such that it spoils the user with comfort from a lost time.

Finn Juhl originally designed the 53-series for master joiner Niels Vodder. It was introduced at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers' Guild Exhibition later that year.

FJ 53 has always been one of Finn Juhl's most popular and sought-after pieces. It was originally produced in teak and rosewood, which are no longer available. Today, the vintage versions command exceptionally high prices at auctions all over the world.
House of Finn Juhl is relaunching both the FJ 53 armchair and the 2-seater sofa with the wavy seat. They are both available in American walnut or European oak and the wooden frames are manufactured in Japan. The upholstery is available in fabric or leather and the process takes place by hand in Ringkøbing, Denmark. The chair is relaunched with an optional cushion, which has hitherto only been seen in Finn Juhl's beautiful watercolor painting of the chair from 1953. It remains unclear why the cushion has yet to see the light of day, but Juhl's original idea complements the chair well. Additionally, you will be able to upholster the cushion in a different color than the rest of the chair.

The armchair and the sofa are both spacious and naturally extend invitations to be seated. At the same time, they keep their expressions light and appear beautiful from all angles. As such, they are extremely well-suited as free-standing pieces for the living room of private residences or lounge areas in hotels and corporate settings. 

Relaunched by House of Finn Juhl in 2020


W 71 cm x D 77,5 cm x H 73 cm
Seat height 37,5 cm



Fabric or leather



Walnut or oak


Sur demande

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Finn juhl 53 Chair
Finn juhl 53 Chair
Finn juhl 53 Chair
Finn juhl 53 Chair
Finn juhl 53 Chair

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