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Roll & Hill is a design-minded furniture and lighting company based in Brooklyn, NY. Roll & Hill collaborates with some of the most exciting independent designers working today to create a collection of exceptional furnishings. Roll & Hill was founded in 2010 by Jason Miller, whose experience as a designer and producer inspired him to create a company that would harness the talents of independent designers, while offering the benefits more often associated with larger makers.

Roll & Hill is committed to on-demand production, which allows for each piece to be customized to a client’s needs. At Roll & Hill’s production facilities in Sunset Park, Brooklyn and Grand Rapids, Michigan pieces are made by hand, one at a time.

Roll & Hill’s pieces draw from a rich material palette that includes brass, bronze, leather, wood, hand-knotted rope and mouth-blown glass. Roll & Hill’s designers often pair historical elements with contemporary forms to create objects that feel familiar, yet totally new.

Roll & Hill's full collection of lighting and objects is offered at Triode's showroom. Please contact our team for information about the availability of a specific product or to discuss your project.

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Roll & Hill
Roll & Hill