Developed for the Lovell Health House in 1929, this Cantilever Chair Steel has the distinctive back spring that sets it apart from cantilever designs by fellow pioneers such as Marcel Breuer, Mart Stam, or Mies van der Rohe.
The back spring makes the chair more comfortable by enabling the seat and backrest to move separately – an innovation that earned Ricahrd J. Neutra a patent in 1931.

Richard J. Neutra developed the Cantilever Chair Wood approximately 10 years later for the Branch House (1942), where he wanted a more relaxed, organic feel. The plywood frame and distinctive back spring create a soft, elastic, seating experience that is further enhanced by the broad, comfortable armrests. With its elegant style and natural finish oak veneer, this informal chair is equally suited for home and professional environments.


Cantilever Chair Steel
L 71 cm
W 55 cm
H 67 cm

Cantilever Chair Wood
L 71 cm
W 67 cm
H 69 cm


Steel or wood frame
Fabric or leather

From €1.850 VAT Excl.

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