The form of this handcrafted dome is echoed in its grooves. The shade is carefully shaped on the lathe to achieve a pleasing curvature. The geometry of the fixture, particularly the concentric circles, create a topographic texture in the wood that is highlighted when illuminated. Made from American hardwoods and brass, this fixture can mount to the wall or ceiling. Handcrafted in the USA.
Designed by Allied Maker


10 - Ø 25,4 cm H 8,9 cm
15 - Ø 38 cm H 8,9 cm
20 - Ø 50,8 cm H 11,4 cm


Brass, bronze, stonewashed brass, blackened brass, maker black, gradient, nickel, sandblasted grey, flat black, matte white, porcelain white
Black walnut, white oak, american ash, blackened ash, bleached ash, bleached oak, silver oak, oxidized oak, flame-blackened oak, bleached walnut, oxidized walnut

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