This fixture features a 14" hand-spun brass perforated dome, with hand-blown glass that provides pleasant surface diffusion while also complimenting the light's overall form. The carefully shaped arc of the bent brass, and the hand-turned wood topper serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose. This pendant hangs from suspension tube that is cut to size. Handcrafted in USA.
Designed by Allied Maker


Arc 08 Ø 20,3 cm H 27,9 cm
Arc 10 Ø 25,4 cm H 35 cm
Arc 14 Ø 35,6 cm H 40,6 cm
Arc 20 Ø 50,8 cm H 51,4 cm


Brass: aluminium, black matte powder coat, blackened brass, brass, bronze, gradient, sandblasted grey, white matte powder coat
Wood: black walnut, white oak, american ash, blackened ash, bleached ash, bleached oak, silver oak, oxidized oak, flame-blackened oak
Glass: opal, frosted, matte white, clear to smoke gradient, frosted to smoke gradient

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