The pieces that comprise the Bec Brittain x John Hogan collaboration were the result of a series of responses to each others' work, both technically and aesthetically. Hogan's initial concepts for his interventions were inspired by the celestial references in the Aries system. Typically his work interacts with and transforms natural light; in this collaboration he used Aries' reference to star light as a common ground between his and Brittain's work, creating lenses for a much smaller scale light source. In reaction to Hogan's glass concepts, Brittain was faced with a new structural challenge to support the glass pieces. As a result, the underlying structures departed from the more celestial, constellation forms of the Aries system, and became more architectural, creating trusses and scaffolding to support the glass pieces. Additionally each glass concept called for a totally different formal language to best highlight both the form of the glass and how it diffuses and refracts the light.
Limited edition of 10.


L 51 x W 51 x H 107 cm


Oil rubbed bronze, Borosilicate glass

On request