Since 2012, Triode is the exclusive French distributor for the re-editions of Danish modernist designer, Finn Juhl, produced by House of Finn Juhl in Denmark and known as the “House of Finn Juhl in Paris.”
Finn Juhl (1912-1989) is considered one of the founding fathers of Scandinavian Design. Finding a perfect balance between modernist principals and fine craftsmanship, linear functionality and organic forms, he was also quite influenced by the Dadaist painter and sculptor, Jean Arp.
He was awarded five gold medals at the Milan Triennial exhibitions of 1954 and 1957, and received the American Institute Design Prize in 1964. Along with Arne Jacobson and Hans Wegner, Juhl helped pave the way for the international success of Danish Design in the 1960s and into today.
His work, at once sculptural and organic, is as much a work of art as a functional piece of furniture. Often difficult to produce at the time, his work is coming back thanks in part to contemporary production methods. Currently more then 30 pieces are re-edited by House of Finn Juhl and produced in Japan and Denmark.