An iteration of L&G's past kinetic works, Moire explores new dimensions of optical material effects using bent perforated sheet metal. Through an assemblage of overlapping organic shapes, a smoothly shifting composition insects with the surrounding environment revealing a complex undulation of geometries that alternate between obscured and transparent materiality. The exploration marks L&G's fascination with revealing the inherent qualities of ubiquitous materials in expected ways - here employing sheet metal to an effect that defies its typical heaviness in favor of an airy lightness. The resulting effect is reminiscent of starling murmurations across a twilit horizon.
Moire is an editioned series crafted by L&G Studio at their Brooklyn studio. Custom sizes, colors, and variations available on a commission basis.
Limited Edition of 10
Design Ladies & Gentlemen Studio


124.5 cm x 94 cm x 81 cm


Powder coated aluminum, copper wire

Upon request