L&G Iso began with consideration towards a common problem: how to create impactful, functional overhead lighting without a ceiling electrical box. Addressing this challenge with three simple elements, Iso's single rotating armature elegantly cantilevers from the wall by the lamp's cord to strategically place a globe light source right where it needs to be. The result is an elemental sculpture of functionality in which each of the lamp's elements work together to define its use as well as its form.
Iso installs directly into a wall by two screw points and plugs directly into a wall outlet - eliminating the need for a dedicated junction box or need for an electrician. The arm's adjustable pivot allows the lamp to be positioned and repositioned as the use of a space evolves. Available in two sizes, 60" and 30", Iso is suitable for installation over dining tables, sofas, or bedside. A special selection of materials range from brass to tonal texture powder coats accented by a new selection of color-washed glass globes.
Design Ladies & Gentlemen Studio


H 43 cm x L 76 cm Globe 15 cm
H 56 cm x L 152.5 cm Globe 25.5 cm


Brass or brass coated steel, brass, glass
Brass • Fog • Rust • Bronze
White • Fog • Rust • Buttercream

Upon request